In addition to millions of satisfied customers who are certainly the best reward for investing in quality, Pharmacy Belgrade has been awarded several national and international awards for business success.

Apoteka Beograd -  NagradePharmacy Belgrade - Awards for investment in quality and Pharmacy "Airport" and its employees are a confirmation that the quality improvement, especially in health, recognized and valued, both in Serbia and outside our borders.

After successful certification in May 2007. and obtaining the SIQ and IQNet certificate of conformity of quality management system with requirements of ISO 9001:2000, Pharmacy Belgrade was awarded the Oscar for quality 2007th and 2008. year. This award is a national award for business performance, which is awarded to commercial and other organizations and institutions, as an independent and neutral award for outstanding results achieved in promoting and developing quality in Serbia.

Pharmacy Belgrade on 14 December 2009. in Madrid was awarded an international character for Business Excellence Award For Excellence INTERNATIONAL IN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES awarded "Trade Liders club based in Madrid. Awarding the 2009th year, members of the "Trade Liders Club" chose pharmacy Belgrade for Serbia's representative on the basis of results achieved in its area of operations.

Pharmacy "Belgrade" in 2010. year, when they celebrate 40 years of work and providing the best services to its customers, selected the winner of yet another international award for perfection, QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF IDEAL otherway Association Management & Consulting. The prize is awarded to companies for corporate achievement, to single out the quality and performance of the business.

Pharmacy Belgrade - Awards

The selection criteria are the achievements in several categories: customer satisfaction, "Leadership", the continuity in the implementation of education and training, business results, ISO 9000 and TQM (Total Quality Management).

The award ceremony for 2009. was held in Berlin, 29 March 2010. year. The awards ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Prof.. Ivo Viskovic.

Confirmed in this way is a permanent commitment to providing pharmaceutical care to the requirements of Good Pharmacy Practice. Pharmacy Belgrade with regard to quality and excellence in business in 2009. year really invested a lot, improving the quality of its operations and its services.

Continuous training of all employees, introducing new standards of business and integrated management system of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, expanding the network of pharmacies, the introduction of the new visual identity, application of the "Data Matrix" fast processing of recipes, many activities in the field of social responsibility and education of the population of the prevention of different areas of health topics, have led to outstanding business results in 2009. year, which did not go unnoticed at the international level.

Pharmacy Belgrade - Awards