Social responsibility

In the implementation of policies of social responsibility Pharmacy "Airport" is defined by four segments of social responsibility:

  • Medical
  • Employee care
  • Environmental protection
  • Relations with the community


Under the policy of social responsibility, promotion and health promotion and disease prevention, it is important to note that the Pharmacy Belgrade actively participate in various activities related to primary health care: participation in the bazaars of Health, marking significant dates in the calendar of public health, promoting healthy ways of life outside their pharmacies and providing timely and expert advice. In this way, Pharmacy Belgrade impact on raising the quality of life for all our citizens.

Pharmacy Belgrade - Social responsibility

Pharmacy Belgrade puts the spotlight on the needs of patients and citizens, which is defined network of pharmacies, the organization of business, product range and better communication. Pharmacy Belgrade organized numerous activities to raise awareness on the importance of caring about their health and prevent disease. Continuously inform citizens about the drug through the Center for information about medicines. Also, a free magazine beauty, care, health "citizens of each month provides an interesting, current and useful information from the same area.

Of policies of social responsibility, according to the standards of the European Union, Pharmacy Belgrade has made a full contribution to the realization of the rights of disabled persons in pharmaceutical care.

In 2009. was opened a specialized pharmacy for the deaf and hearing impaired "Njegos" and in the 2010th year pharmacy "Milos Mladenovic.In these pharmacies are working pharmacists trained at the school sign language to provide custom pharmaceutical services to people with special needs.

Pharmacy "May Day" is specialized in providing adequate pharmaceutical services for patients with visual impairments. Customization services for these patients is reflected in the development of Braille labels to identify masterfully-made drugs and the instructions on the application of therapies, implementation of special light label in the pharmacy, rubberized track to guide for walking, free phones, devices with audio readings, which will facilitate providing services for people with visual impairments.

Care for Employees

Based on the standard requirements of health and safety at work made all the legal requirements for testing the working environment, work equipment, power, emissions and emergency situations. The results of all completed tests indicate compliance with the law.

Taking care of our employees is one of the most important aspects of our social responsibility, because employee motivation, satisfaction, improvement and development is both personally and company progress. Within the facility for a psychologist and a special emphasis on the motivation, development and career guidance for employees in line with their personal competence and performance. Pharmacy Belgrade seeks to provide the best possible working conditions, including respect for human rights, equal treatment of employees, labor, health care, adequate education to all its workers.

Environmental protection

Pharmacy "Belgrade", characterized by high social responsibility, one of the first medical institution that is in the care of the environment to fully address the problem of hazardous and non hazardous waste.

The chemist's "Airport" to manage pharmaceutical waste since 2005, when he began his collecting, sorting and storage to delivery to the authorized legal entity.

Handed over some 14 tons of pharmaceutical waste generated, as of 2009, the authorized legal entity with all the necessary documentation on the movement of pharmaceutical waste and is now awaiting the destruction of surrendered certificate of pharmaceutical waste.

Relations with the community

Pharmacy Belgrade has given special attention to fostering the future of professional staff.

Thus, in 2009. year top 10 students of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy received scholarships Belgrade. As a leading provider of pharmacy, pharmacy Belgrade wanted to experience, knowledge and tradition of attracting talented students of pharmacy and enable them to precisely the gain practical knowledge and to improve the area that you are interested.

Pharmacy Belgrade has participated in numerous humanitarian events and donations (for children without parents, displaced persons ...). Action "a little gift for the greatest gift" the youngest of Belgrade and their mothers in November in all five maternity hospitals in Belgrade, received gift packages with products Pharmacy Belgrade.

Pharmacy Belgrade has demonstrated its contribution to regulation of street Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra buying plane.

Anniversary of 2010 transferring within 120,000,000.00 dinars Health of Belgrade from the get Pharmacies "Airport" for development of City Hall.