Modernization and organizational changes

The Health facility Pharmacy "Belgrade" operates in a very dynamic and transitional environment.

In order to best achieve its mission and vision, and act at all levels to improve health and increase the availability and quality of services, Pharmacy “Belgrade” implemented a number of projects to modernize operations.

In period from 2007 to 2009, Pharmacy “Belgrade” carried out restructuring in the way of performing business activities, changes in corporate culture, politics of social responsibility, change in financial management and control, change of management methods and a number of other changes. It was decided that the key of the organizational change will be the introduction of new policies of the modern system of quality assurance organizations, business and administrative processes. All this is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2001, as well as in accordance with legal regulations in the field of pharmacy, financial operations, labor relations and others. The goal is to meet the demands of customers, employees and all interested parties.

Apoteka Beograd -  Modernizacija

With the introduction of a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements, the demands of good pharmacy practice, good distribution practices, good laboratory practices and good manufacturing practice were also integrated.

Acceptance and implementation of a new quality policy generated the new organizational changes, primarily: the integration of a quality management system, a new visual identity of the organization, a new strategy and system of internal information and communication, new policies and practices of training and competence development of employees, a new methodology of supplier evaluation, the system of social responsibility of the organization.

The introduction of the new, modern visual identity in 2009 as a distinctive sign of Pharmacy "Belgrade" and one of the symbols of Belgrade, in the best way demonstrate commitment to always advance faster than others.

Marking pharmacies with the new sign breathed a new gloss, distinguishing them from the competition, and provided staff additional energy for work and new improvements.

As befits a pharmacy that carries the label of the first and oldest, it was again the leader in innovation. This time, with a new concept, called “Anglo-Saxon” type of pharmacy. Applying this concept the glass barrier was eliminated and confidence in the advice of professional person- pharmacist was gained, and therefore we participate in creating a loyal customer. In order to enable the pharmacist to devote more time to the patient, in cooperation with the Republic Institute for health insurance, since March 2008, we’re implementing the project "Data Matrix" for fast prescription processing.

In order to integrate healthcare of staff and patients, while at the same time respecting the environment, Pharmacy “Belgrade” implement integrated management systems standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. As confirmation that our employees are the most important resource, since 2008 the Pharmacy "Belgrade" has added a psychologist to it’s team, with whom the management of human resources gained a new quality: the selection process is performed to the highest standards, whether it be choosing employees with qualities of leadership, scholarships of Pharmacies “Belgrade”, changing job or new employment. Also, the standards of organizational culture are set by a Code of Conduct, a base of knowledge was established, which contains relevant information about internal and external education, professional work, study visits, articles within the purview of individual sectors or of management.

All of these activities, as well as others in health promotion and social responsibility policies, resulted in not only good financial indicators of business, but more important indicators of user satisfaction with services and advice they get at the pharmacy - in the year 2009- 90.44% customers satisfaction.

New sign of Pharmacy "Belgrade"

Apoteka Beograd -  Misija i  vizija

The new sign is composed of four symbolic elements, which together represent the whole idea:

Apoteka Beograd -  Misija i  vizija


(Two colors, horizontal) its shape refers to the pharmaceutical industry

Apoteka Beograd -  Misija i  vizija


(White, on the right, the blue half of the capsule) is a symbol of medical assistance

Apoteka Beograd -  Misija i  vizija

colors: red-white-blue

derived from the coat of arms of Belgrade because Pharmacy "Belgrade" is the brand of the capital of Serbia

Apoteka Beograd -  Misija i  vizija


is written in a font that, in Cyrillic and Latin, leaving a clear, clean impression, suitable for Pharmacy Practice.