Professional staff

Professional staff - the most important resource of Pharmacy “Belgrade”

In order to achieve the highest goals, we have set that the most important are human resources. Pharmacy "Belgrade" is taking great care about its staff: currently, Pharmacy “Belgrade” employs 1147 workers, 465 graduate pharmacists, 368 pharmacy technicians and 314 workers of other profiles necessary for the smooth functioning of business processes in a system. Pharmacy Belgrade has 55 specialists in various fields (pharmacy information, pharmaceutical technology, drug control, cosmetology, examination of medicinal herbs, pharmacoeconomic, pharmaceutical health care), and two Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

With this professional potential Pharmacy “Belgrade” actively participates in the work of relevant professional organizations: the Pharmaceutical Society of Serbia and the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia.

Aware of it’s most important resource, its employees, Pharmacy “Belgrade” is continuously working on their development and education at all levels, which is done through educational programs at the Center for Pharmacy Education of Pharmacy "Belgrade", which was established in 2007. Education is conducted according to the plan of the Ministry of Health, as well as other topics related to improving the business skills and knowledge.

Great professional potential Pharmacy “Belgrade” is made available not only to our clients but also domestic and foreign professional public.

Apoteka Beograd - Strucni kadarIn 2009 and 2010, Pharmacy "Belgrade” accredited a total of 30 programs of internal training and education. As such, Pharmacy "Belgrade" is kind of a center for training and gaining experience for future professional staff from all over Serbia, but also from abroad. Annually, about 100 graduate pharmacists and 70 pharmacy technicians perform apprenticeship in a Pharmacy "Belgrade" as well as fifteen foreign students.

Within Pharmacy, "Belgrade" the Center for information on drugs was formed, which is through telephone and email available to everyone: patients, doctors, pharmacists and the media. In 2009 specialists of the Center provided more than 60,000 information and expert advice.